Atlantic Whirlpools has a vast and continuously growing selection of tubs. Select one of the product lines below or view all at once. All of our tubs are handcrafted in the USA.

Freestanding tubs are meant to be proudly displayed rather than crowded in a corner and add character to your bathroom.

Boutique collection tubs are for the aesthetically conscious, featuring cutting-edge design with the look and feel of molded stone.

Drop-in tubs are designed for drop-in installation. In this case, the tub is positioned ("dropped-in") a hole cut to precisely match the tub "deck", providing the supporting area, made of material such as granite, marble, or tile.

Builder series offers high-quality acrylic products for applications which are value-sensitive.

Each tub's product page offers many details of the packages and options available for the particular model.

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