Who Choose Atlantic Whirlpools

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Atlantis Whirlpools offers every customer a uniquely high level of customization, giving the most  control in creating a personalized bathing experience.

Customization options

  • Hydrotherapy type – soaker, air bath, whirlpool (or any combination)
  • Jets – specification and placement of jets, controls and other tub-mounted components
  • System components – positioning of all system components (pumps, heaters, etc.)
  • Installation requirements – our designs can be tailored to accommodate specific installation requirements (such as location of tile flanges)
  • Other installation facilitators such as a pre-leveled foam base or pre-leveled frame system

Our extensive customization options allow clients to add, delete or change the types of jets installed. It is possible to specify the exact locations of jets. Other options include choosing among whirlpool cleaning systems, grab bars, hand-held showers and tub enclosures. Further, in order to accommodate custom installation requirements, clients may pump, air bath blower or valve locations.

Each Atlantis tub is made to individual specifications and finished only after a client order (whether for an individual, architect, or wholesaler) has been received.