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How to locate and purchase Atlantis Whirlpools products

Q. How do I locate a particular product on the Atlantis Whirlpools website?

A. Click on Products on the top tool bar. Use the Product Search boxes on the left side of the page. To search for a specific product, choose either the name or model number. To narrow the criteria of a broad search, select a category and a new refined search drop-down box will open so you can search by specific criteria. Clicking on a product will take you to the specific product page, where you will find links to specifications and retail pricing, standard features, colors, CAD files (if available for that product), and more. To browse, choose a product category and click on whichever products interest you.

Q. How long will it take to manufacture my order?

A. Atlantis Whirlpools is known for quick lead times. All acrylic products ship within 7 working days. Boutique Collection products ship within 10 working days. Additional options, custom pump, blower or jet locations do not affect the lead time.

Q. Can I add extra jets to my tub or move existing jets?

A. Yes.  We allow you to customize each bath. You may call our customer service department at 866-588-8008 to speak to a product specialist to discuss options for a specific tub model. (For more information about customization options, click here.)

Q. How do I choose between an air system and a whirlpool?

A. Deciding between a whirlpool and air bath will mainly depend upon the type of hydrotherapy that you desire. Atlantis Whirlpools air baths provide a light and invigorating full-l body massage, while the whirlpool is best for deep-tissue massages. You can have either or a combination whirlpool/air bath.

Installation Related Questions

Q. What size water heater will I need to fill one of your baths?

A. Each tub will vary in the amount of water it will take to fill to an average level. In general, you should have enough hot water to reach the "average fill" plus just a few gallons more.

Q. Do I need to use a specific model drain on my tub?

A. While many drain kits will fit our tubs, we recommend purchasing the drain from us to assure proper fit. The drain kit is included as a standard feature on certain models.

Q. Can I relocate the pump and/or blower?

A. Because all Atlantis Whirlpools tubs are built to order, the pump and blower can be relocated during the manufacturing process (at no additional charge) to accommodate your specific installation. The whirlpool pump may be relocated on most models, but it must be kept immediately adjacent to the tub for proper operation. The air blower can be relocated on-site up to eight feet away from the bath.

Q. I plan to use an overhead shower with my bath tub. How do I determine which tubs are best suited for this type of installation?

A. Certain tubs lend themselves as better choices for tub/shower combinations. While a number of factors may make a tub suitable or not for this type of application, in large part it has to do with the size and shape of the top deck area of the tub itself.

How to Care for your Atlantis Whirlpools product

Q. How do I keep my acrylic tub clean?

A. Acrylic is a non-porous surface and should only require a gentle washing with any mild dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water. Remember to never use abrasive or aerosol products on your tub. (Click here for detailed care & cleaning instructions.)

Q. How can I keep my whirlpool jets clean?

A. A mixture of mild dish detergent mixed in warm water is all that should be needed. Hard water and certain bathing products may require additional effort with a soft brush. To keep all the jets and plumbing lines clean, Atlantis Whirlpools recommends using its Fresh Wave detergent, available from your local distributor.  (For detailed information on cleaning the plumbing system of your whirlpool tub, click here.)

Q. Is it safe to use bath salts or bath oils in my whirlpool?

A. Water soluble products such as bath salts are fine to use, however, Atlantis Whirlpools does not recommend the use of heavy bath oils. If bath oil is used, refer to the cleaning section of your manual for proper after care and cleaning instructions.   (Click here for care & cleaning instructions.)

Q. How do I adjust the flow of my jets?

A. The individual point massage jets can be turned on and off by rotating the jet nozzle, and the intensity can be changed with the air volume control.

Q. How do I adjust the direction of my jets?

A. The nozzles of the point-massage jets pivot to redirect the flow.

Q. I have an Atlantis Whirlpools bath in my home. How do I get a new owner’s manual?

A. You can access an electronic version, if available, via the specific product page on our website. If not available on the product page, you may contact us and request a copy.

Q. Where do I find the electrical specifications for each tub component?

A. Electrical requirements are included on product specification sheets, found on most product pages.

Common Technical Questions

Q. How can I get scratches out of my acrylic tub or shower base?

A. Most scratches can be buffed out using an automotive polish. Any polish suitable for use on "clear coated" automobile paint is fine. Deeper scratches and chips may require the services of a professional acrylic repair technician.

Q. I understand the purge cycle, however, my tub is now purging in the middle of the night, how can I stop this from happening?

A. Small, barely detectable power fluctuations may have disrupted the purge cycle. Turn the breaker off (or unplug the blower), wait for ten seconds, then plug back in. The blower should now follow the normal purge cycle.

Q. I have two jets in my tub that are not working, how do I get them all to work?

A. Each point massage jet can be opened or closed individually. Simply rotate the jet nozzle counter clockwise to open. If your tub came equipped with one of our patented cleaning systems, or is an older tub, the jets may open and close by pulling out or pushing in the jet nozzle.

Q. My bath has been working great for years, then suddenly just stopped working at all, what should I check first?

A. The problem is most likely the breaker or the GFCI outlet under the tub. Check your breaker box first, and then use a hairdryer to test the outlet under your bath where the equipment is plugged in. This should identify the problem. If both these items check out fine, please have your registration number available and contact our technical service department.

Q. I ordered an acrylic skirt with my new bath. However, the skirt is 1 ½" taller than the tub. Did I receive the wrong skirt?

A. No. You may need to raise the height of the tub, keeping the bottom of the tub fully supported in bedding compound, or alternately, trim the bottom edge of the skirt. Detailed installation instructions can be found in your Installation Manual.

Q. How can I tell if the in-line heater on my bath is working?

A. The inline heater will automatically turn on when the point-massage jets are running. The heater has an indicator light that will glow orange when it’s running. Remember, the heater is designed to maintain the temperature of your bath at 102° F; it will not raise the temperature of the water.

Q. The air bubbles from my air bath seem cool, is this normal?

A. The heated air blower warms the air to slightly above room temperature before it is introduced into the bath, while the average bath water is 103°-105°. Unfortunately, safety concerns do not allow for a blower to produce air bubbles at bathing temperature, as this could burn the skin if the bath were to be turned on without water in the tub. A small group of people are very sensitive to the difference in temperature between the heated air and the bath water. You may find it helpful to turn the bath on for 30 seconds before entering, allowing the air from the blower to reach its maximum temperature. If you live in a colder climate, adding pipe insulation to the air blower hose will also improve the enjoyment of your bath.


Acrylic: High grade, non-porous plastic used to meet the high standards of sanitary ware; thermoforms well; glossy finish is resistant to scratching and easy to clean; colorfast for a lifetime of beauty.

Air Tub: Injector jets placed with ultimate therapy delivery to specific regions of the body. Air is forced through piping attached to the jet to create tiny bubbles of tingling sensation.

Atlantis Touch: 3 in 1 tub-side switch, (1) on/off (2) low water auto shut off (3) auto shut off timer.

Atlantis Touch Plus: In addition to the Atlantis Touch, this function allows users to operate the pump, blower and light from one control.

Chromotherapy: Underwater light with mood setting color lenses.

Dual: Combination of water (hydro) jets and air jets.

Handles: Acrylic rods used to assist with safe and secure entrance, movement, and exit within the tub.

Hydro Tub: Jetted tub vessel that has a pump which pushes water to the various therapy jets.

H.E.E.T: In-line non-electric heater that uses friction heat to maintain the temperature of the water in the bath for as long as the pump is running.

Ozonator: An ozonation system for whirlpool baths that senses moisture in the plumbing lines and automatically releases ozone to destroy bacteria that can grow due to moisture, which keeps system virtually bacteria free.

Skirts: A bathtub skirt can simplify the installation of your new bathtub and give a built-in, finished appearance to your entire bathroom. With a tub skirt, you eliminate the need to build a surround or enclosure for your tub.

Soaker: A soaker is a tub only, which does not feature any hydro or air jetting.

Tile Flange: Add-on strips of ABS provide a dam effect for alcove installation.  Factory installed per custom order (must specify right or left drain location).

Trim Kit: A complete set for fitting within the bath. Kits are available in selected colors.

Waste and Overflow: overflow allows bather to stop/unstop drain turning the overflow.  Also eliminates hair traps in drain as linkage is outside cable.