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No Robots!No robots! We don’t use an automated phone directory to take you around in circles - only real humans on the line (and in our production facility too). A live person will actually answer the phone and direct you to the right department, where another live person will do their best to help you. If you find yourself on hold, it’s only because we’re running to get to the phone and answer! Private ownership means we have a direct and vested interest, and thus strive to offer truly unmatched support to clients, who we know are responsible for and enable our business to thrive.

Our customer service representatives are fully accessible to Atlantis Whirlpools customers. Our reps can handle technical questions and more intricate queries from architects, builders, and developers without passing you around from line to line. We welcome inquiries via phone and email, whichever means is easier for the client, and will respond just as fast regardless of which is used.

Our dedicated technical support are available to answer highly technical questions before a client makes a purchases, during the installation process, or at any time thereafter.

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